Behold: A day of parenting FAIL

On figuring out where to go for dinner.

Isabel: How about The Pancake House?

Aidan: No, I want something healthy. Let’s go to Wendy’s.


On a new package of socks.

Aidan: Look, they have matches! That is awesome!


On schoolwork in the past week.

Yaya (translation: Grandma): What did you learn in school this week?

Isabel: Nothing. We don’t really do school ever.


On trying on new shoes.

Me: Did you like how that man put the shoes on you and checked your toes?

Aidan: Yeah. I kicked him, but reeeeaaaaal slow, so it was okay.


On what happens if you punch your sister in the mouth.

Nick: I asked you to go sit because you hit your sister and that was a poor choice.

Aidan: You’re a horrible father. I love Mommy better.


On dance class.

Nick: Tell Mom what you learned about your bubble

Aidan: I have a bubble around me.

Nick: Was it called your kinesphere?

Aidan: Yeah, my kinky-spear.

2 Responses to “Behold: A day of parenting FAIL”

  1. Anna

    I’m having a really crappy night, thanks to my children fighting at bedtime and this really cheered me up! :) Sorry it was at your expense, but know that I understand. lol

  2. Heather

    I am always hopeful that the look of shock and/or horror on my face at some of these comments means that people around me realize instantly that I do not tolerate some of their behavior, but that they do it anyway.

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