The agony and the ecstasy

i.e., "the ecstacy"

With the good…

Tomato fruits are popping up like crazy! At least eight that I counted. We also have two beautiful (albeit still too small to harvest) green bell peppers that I already have saucy plans for.


… comes the bad…


Bacterial leaf spot, I think. It’s affecting the tomatoes and the peppers. Bummer. I spotted it (heh) a couple days ago and made some rounds with tea tree oil, thinking maybe it was early blight. With my discovery of The Tomato Branch O’Disease (see above), though, I’m pretty sure it’s bacterial spot. So tomorrow I’ll have to go out in search of copper spray to try to control it enough to still get a decent harvest. We’ll be doing a three year rotation in the veggie beds, so hopefully the problem won’t return next year.

Le sigh.

And just for fun, here’s my helper, Oliver, who is really not a helper at all but has an awfully nice smile for a pooch: